Privacy Policy

Car Sales Bay

The personal informations we are collecting on the Car Sales Bay are processed in accordance to the 1998 Data Protection Act.

The website owned and operated by Car Sales Bay Ltd ( Company No.05928659 )

We collect the informations for the following purposes:

1. Internet Advetising

When you are placing an advert on the Car Sales Bay you need to register on the site. you will required to send you name,e-mail address, Telephone numbers, postal address and postcode.

Telephone numbers and email addresses supplied as a part of a vehicle advertisement will be published within the relevant advertisement for the duration of the advert, to enable buyer to contact the seller. The postcode is required to provide a positioning on each vehicle within our database, which enable the potential buyers to locate vehicles for sale within a set radious of their location.


2. For Vehicle Search

To search a Vehicle on the Car Sales Bay, make, model, other vehicle details, and postcode is required


3.Credit Card

The credit card details are requied by pay pal for payment to the advertisement you place on Car Sales Bay. We dont keep any record of your credit card.


4. Registration Information

Email addresses are collected to send registrants their chosen password, providing them with online access to their registration details. The member (user) can access this information at any time to update their details or change the option on whether they would like to receive communication from Car Sales Bay or selected third parties.

- The registration information is collected to assist in developing the site and auto traders to ensure their advertisment reaches to the relevant groups to advertise on the site.

-The registration information is required from the members(user) to receive newsletter or other promotion infromation from us.

-To send E-mail alerts, if the member(user) subsribe to email alert

-The registration is required to send the specified advert to friends


5. Third Parties

We are not responsible for any information collected by third party linked to our website. Where a service is to be provided by a third party, for example motor loan, warranties,insurance,car data check and value of your car.